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This page is dedicated to our obsession with Lego Bricks. The journey that led me to write about Lego Bricks started when my partner and I were living alone. I couldn’t figure out what to get him for his birthday, so I began by getting small Lego sets from Wal-Mart and Target. Collecting Lego bricks turned into more of a hobby for him than I originally anticipated. I witnessed the joy that came from sitting down and mindlessly playing with Lego bricks and it turns out, I found joy in them as well. Why we waste so much time worrying about growing up is beyond me. I believe we should spend our time doing what makes us happy, and Let our minds focus on the good in life. Colorful Lego Bricks are such a splash of light in a dull world, and we want to share our joy with you. It’s bad enough we are forced to suffer through the long work hours of our life, and we should spend our spare time doing things we can feel good about.

Featured Creations

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We bought a box of 1500 Lego pieces and spent time opening up each individual color to discover what new pieces we had gained access to, when it hit me. I want to share our love for Lego bricks with all of you! There is no reason to hide our passions and this just happens to be one of ours!

That being said, enjoy looking at our Lego creations and collections! We love finding new and better ways to connect with all of you, so please stay connected and if you build something make sure to hashtag it on Instagram with #HipsterUniversityLego.

If you are interested in building with us or if you’d like us to feature your Lego artwork on our site, please message us using the contact form at the bottom of our page! Thanks for being such amazing fans and we look forward to creating some amazing stories together!

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