DSA, Shorts, and Sex Offenders (EP 2, Part 2)

This article is a companion piece to Episode 2 Part 2 of Y’all Ain’t Alone, a podcast available on Soundcloud and YouTube about leftist ideology and leftists living in the Southern US.  Most of what’s written here is covered in the episode, so check it out below if you’d rather listen than read, but definitely take a look at the sources for further information.

In part 2 of this episode, we cover the exaggerated horror of hooker shorts for tween girls and the very real horror of an Alabama sheriff accused of raping underage girls.  We’ll start with the Fox News article, where they basically cover some outraged mom’s online reaction to shorts at a couple of major retailers.  If you don’t feel like reading the article, just know that it’s based entirely on a Facebook post that garnered a whole 6,000 reactions.  I’m not surprised the story got picked up, just disappointed that it exists in the first place.  I don’t even think a conversation about the shorts girls are wearing needs to happen.  No one should care, not even their mom; it just doesn’t fucking matter.

The only argument I can think of to not worry about how short a girls shorts are is that there are creepy fucks out there (like the Sheriff covered below).  That said, let’s worry more about them than the girls.  Let’s stop trying to control people (women and children especially) from birth in every way we can imagine and ignoring the toxic masculinity that creates the rapists, child molesters, etc. Let’s worry about the people who are sexualizing children (or anyone, really) by even being concerned about how short their shorts are.  Do people swim in pants these days or something? Is the upper thigh something irresistibly alluring?

Here’s an image of the shorts:

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The best part is that these angry moms decided to buy shorts from the boy’s section of the store and I’m shocked the story here isn’t that Target is pushing its radical leftist trans agenda on its shoppers.  Clearly Target is just trying to force girls to be boys now, right? Anyway, I don’t even want to waste more time writing about this nonsense.  Largely because Target responded to the claim and debunked the whole damn thing and good ol’ Fox buried it at the end of the article:

“However, Target has said their shorts have actually been getting longer in recent years in a statement to Fox News:

“We offer three types of shorts for girls: short, midi and Bermuda. Over the last few years, we’ve actually been going longer, not shorter … this is the case even with our short shorts. We lengthened them over a year ago and have seen a very positive response to the range of length, particularly with midi and Bermuda. We’ve also expanded our offerings in these assortments.”

Let’s move on to Todd Entrekin, the Etowah County, Alabama Sheriff who is accused of raping young girls.  Who is surprised that yet another high-powered Alabama politician (sheriffs are elected here) is a sexual predator? No one? Good.  The story on this was first published by AL.com and honestly, it’s disturbing.  If you’re not interested in reading the article, the short version is that Mary Elizabeth Cross alleges that Entrekin had sex with her four times in the late summer of 1992, when he was 29 and she was 15 years old.  He took her to a camper on the lake with a bunch of his cop buddies and raped her (allegedly…) along with some of her friends.  Cross says she also had sex with three other adult men while she was a minor: two other Etowah County law enforcement officers and another local civilian.  Apparently the cops were giving these kids alcohol, cocaine, and partying with them at Entrekin’s lake house.  Perhaps the most disturbing part of Cross’s account of the various interactions is quoted from the article below:

On another night at the Rainbow City “lake house,” several weeks after her first alleged sexual encounter with Entrekin, Cross alleges that he and the local man who did not work in law enforcement had sex with a minor teenage friend of hers who repeatedly said no. Cross alleges that she watched as Entrekin held her friend down while the other man raped her, then they switched roles and Entrekin raped her while the other man held her down.

Of course people are already going down the “why did she wait so long” road, but it’s obvious that she was a child at the time and didn’t feel like she had the power to come forward against these men.  Not to mention she struggled with addiction, likely self-medicating her own trauma away.  Other people have corroborated her story, she passed a lie detector (which is a bullshit device, but whatever), and she has intricate knowledge of covert locations (where she also had sex with cops) that should only be known to the drug task force, which Entrekin was in charge of.  So yeah, it’s pretty damn likely she’s telling the truth and we’ve no reason not to believe Cross.

To make this story even better, you might already be familiar with Entrekin as he’s the Alabama “Beach House Sheriff” who pocketed $750,000 (not a typo, seven hundred fifty thousand dollars) of money that was supposed to go towards feeding inmates.  Basically, it was legal for him to keep the money he didn’t spend as a sort of bonus, but word is he was underfeeding the prisoners to lock in big bonuses.  He’s also known for getting surprisingly large campaign contributions from businesses who just happen to also get contracts in the county for which he was Sheriff. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Again, what we’re seeing here is a real-world example of toxic masculinity, misogyny, and the patriarchy at-large.  These men used their power, influence, and access to drugs to coerce young girls into coming to a remote camper on the lake to rape them.  The fact that they’re a bunch of cops, politicians, and local businessmen makes the story even more disgusting, although not very surprising.  Entrekin is likely going to walk away from this, along with his buddies.  The judicial system in Alabama is likely one of the most corrupt in US, perhaps even the entirety of the modern Western world.

We have to be better than this, but I’m not sure how to get us there.  I’m not sure how to convince someone that sex with a child is rape, regardless of any other circumstances.  I’m not sure how to convince someone that rape is wrong.  We shouldn’t need to convince people of these things, but here we are.  Then again, when the entire structure of society is built by men (and a few women, I suppose) who thirst for more power than most of us could ever imagine, why is anyone surprised? The authoritarian nature of our society is likely the root cause of most of our issues, but that’s a topic for another day.

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