The feat of writing music


The art of writing music is nothing like it used to be. Back when I was younger, words flowed from my brain onto paper like magic. Now, I find myself thinking about how my words aren’t enough, or how a phrase sounds inadequate. I can’t figure out if it is the depression getting me down, or if I have gotten smarter and can’t enjoy the simple lyrics I used to be so content with.  Either way, as an adult my words are chosen a lot differently.

I find myself turning away from love ballads. Simply because they now seem nauseating. I don’t know when that changed. I actually used to write a love song for each of my boy toys when I was young. I always knew that music would wrap them around my finger. After all, who wouldn’t love a song to be written for/about them?  It’s just too cliche now for me to write something that lacks substance. I want to write about real life. Songs that catch your attention because of the raw nature of sound.

Lately, my songs have been centered around the way I used to trick people. My manipulative powers and my curse. I write a lot about how I mirrored men and played the part just so that I could get what I wanted. Whether it was a place to live, a free meal, or a warm body to hold, I always got exactly what I wanted. It was easy, because I was charming. Trained from the youngest age to use my looks and charm to get what I wanted. It was something I did unknowingly for most of my life. The sad thing is that I now know exactly what I did for survival. Its a cold truth, but it is my story.

I truly hope that my music can influence others to find answers and seek out the truth as well. My one hope is to share the awakening.

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