Y’all Ain’t Alone Ep1: The Power House


Episode 1 of Y’all Ain’t Alone is an interview with Mia Raven. Mia plays a large role in running the local abortion clinic and the Power House.  In this interview, we discuss the touchy topics of Abortion and women’s rights. In the South, we are trained to believe that the word abortion is awful. Southern states often use religious views to dictate their feelings on matters such as abortion and women’s rights. Some churches even go as far as to pay protesters to yell at women walking into the clinic. To combat the tragic experiences protesters attempt to put onto women, the clinic asks volunteers to block out the protesters with umbrellas and music.

Taylor and I have volunteered at this clinic on Friday mornings and we have personal footage showing the examples of the protesters yelling across the fence line. I will link a clip below.

Take a look at the daily life of a clinic worker, and find out ways we as a community can help. There are many woman who are scrutinized because of their needs, and knowing what is happening is the first step to correcting this. Thank you all for your continuous support and we look forward to many more episodes on other touchy subjects!

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