Y’all Ain’t Alone: The making of


My name is Jason Walker and I’m the host of a new podcast called Y’all Ain’t Alone. I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and let everyone know what the podcast is about and offer a little perspective on where I’m coming from. I’ve lived in Alabama most of my life, but I’ve traveled around a bit and will likely be moving to Texas soon. I was in the army well over a decade ago now and that experience shaped a lot of my current political beliefs. I’ve bar-tended, sold cars, worked in call centers, sold insurance, taught, tutored, and even managed to finish a BS in psychology and dropped out of graduate school with only a thesis left to finish for clinical psychology. I’ve lived a bit of an eclectic life.

“Y’all Ain’t Alone is, first and foremost, a podcast about leftist ideology as it pertains people living in the Southeastern United States.”

While I was born and raised in rural Alabama, I’m not your average Southerner. I’m a libertarian socialist or an anarcho-communist or however you’d like to describe it; I’m way down in the bottom left of the political compass. No, I’m not a Democrat or liberal or even just a progressive. I do tend to agree with and get along with those groups more often than Republicans or conservatives, though. The easiest way to define my political ideology is that I’m opposed to all unjustified hierarchies; that means no state/centralized government, no wage labor, and definitely no capitalism as it requires a hierarchy to
exist. That said, I’m a realist and you’ll often hear me talk about different strategies and philosophies in a positive light as I prefer a multi-pronged approach over pure ideology. I’m not exactly some sort of political genius; I still think of myself as a baby leftist with so much to learn.

Y’all Ain’t Alone is, first and foremost, a podcast about leftist ideology as it pertains people living in the Southeastern United States. I’ll generally have a guest (or several) and we’ll spend some time talking about leftists throughout history, especially those who aren’t well-known for being radical. We’ll also connect everything to current events where applicable and discuss topics relevant to the guests’ own
activism, ideology, etc. Everything from abortion clinics to labor rights to anti-capitalist folk music has a place on Y’all Ain’t Alone. Even if you’re not a leftist, the show is designed to help people understand leftist ideology as I further develop my own understanding of it. We won’t be serious all the time, some of my guests will be comedians and we’ll spend plenty of time going off-topic, I’m sure.

We likely won’t keep a regular schedule just yet. However, you can expect new episodes every month for now. If you’re interested in certain topics or if you’d like to be on the show (or think you know someone who would), get in touch with us on Facebook or through the contact form below! Also, please take the time to like, follow, share, and all that nonsense. Don’t be afraid to peruse the rest of Hipster University and learn a bit about my partner Taylor as she’s also heavily involved in the show’s
production and editing. Thanks everyone!


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