Y’all Ain’t Alone Ep1: The Power House

Episode 1 of Y’all Ain’t Alone is an interview with Mia Raven. Mia plays a large role in running the local abortion clinic and the Power House. Please listen to our interview with Mia and learn about the touchy subject of abortion. Abortion and women’s rights are something that Southern people steer the conversation away from. In the South, we are trained to avoid confrontation, but does this mean we aren’t allowed to know?

Take a look at the daily life of a clinic worker and find out ways we as a community can help. There are many woman who are scrutinized because of thier needs, and we are the first step in putting a stop to it. Thank you all for your continuous support and we look forward to many more episodes on other touchy subjects!

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Mia is a friendly soul who would be happy to hear from you as well!

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