The thoughtless internet creep

Hi, can you help me? I need a friend.

Sure let me help (a response I send)

You are so pretty, nice and kind too. Is it okay if I get some pictures of you?

What do you mean you need photos of me? Can you see the pictures posted publicly?

Not those photos something more dirty.

You sound like an ass and not at all flirty.

You see I don’t like porn I think it’s icky, now take off your pants I want to looky.

Well that sir is disgusting. You should be ashamed. Do you think I am that stupid? Please go away.

Girl, do what I tell you send boobs pls.

No I don’t want to. Relax, jeez.

(A video call lights up on my phone)

Can’t this guy leave me alone?

Video call after call comes slipping through the lines.

I can’t even block him, I tried a hundred times.

BB I love you. Please answer to me

What the hell have I done? Please leave me be.

I am upset now. You don’t listen to me.

I open the next message and a penis is what I see…You’ve got to be kidding me…

Well at least he stopped calling, I guess that’s okay. I had to see his genitalia to get him to go away.

I finally blocked him! I’ve made a huge success, but unfortunately, I didn’t block the rest.

It’s the same thing tomorrow, another story to tell. Living in a modern world, feels like hell.


-Taylor J

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