Women’s March 2018


I attended the Woman’s March 2018 in Montgomery, Alabama this year and it was such a wonderful experience. I have never considered myself a politically charged person, but lately I have felt a drive for something more. With this newfound hope for humanity, I really would like to share that we as women need to stand up for ourselves. I saw so many beautiful people in this crowd, but the potential for other women and men to be involved is great. We as a community need to be spreading this message of empowerment.  If we want change to happen, we cannot expect results by taking no action. Marching is amazing and I think it does get people pumped, but we need to recruit for the cause! I believe that each and every individual at that rally could convince at least one person to come to the next one! The next step in this movement is to move forward. We do not need to only push the words of powerful women one day a year, but every single hour. If more people hear these words and learn about the world that they live in, we can make a change.

We need to share our knowledge with other women and empower them, and empower the men too! We want equality, so let’s take it!

I am so blessed to have someone at home who has such a drive and desire to make a change in politics. I would have never learned all of the things I know now if it wasn’t for him. That being said, there are far too many women that were like me a year ago. We float through society, letting the world pass us by as if we don’t have the right to speak. We have as much right as any human being on this planet, and I want to see a change.

We need to share our knowledge with other women and empower them, and empower the men too! We want equality, so let’s take it! I plan to take a stand to move women into the 21st century and take the respect that we deserve. We need more women and men to join us in our next stand, and perhaps one day there will be more than enough individuals attending to make the point that needs to be made. We live in a society of people who are too down and out to make change, so let us encourage those people and build them up. We no longer need to stand by while the world let’s us work ourselves to death.

Together we are strong, and together we need to stand. #TheMarchisNOTover


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If you have idea’s on how to spread this message please contact me below! Thank you all for continuing to support me in this journey! Let’s get politically charged together!


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