Surgery Number Three

This winter I had a third surgery on my foot, and the cold air causes me so much pain! Growing tired of the achy feelings I kept having deep in my bones, I took to the internet for advice. One of the things I found was heat therapy, heat is known to relieve aches all over the body. I first thought to use the space heater that we already have. However, it tended to heat up the entire room and caused me to be uncomfortable and sweaty. I tried using a foot soaking bath as well, which worked amazingly but changing the water became annoying at times.

I have spent many nights with cold achy pain in my toes and joints, and I had almost given up hope until I found this amazing heated throw! I originally found this throw for $70 on the Khols website, but luckily I was able to find it much cheaper on Amazon coming in at only $46.80. I could not believe the price difference!  I read multiple reviews from Khols and Amazon about how this throw was such a great replacement for their old space heaters. Ladies raved about how they would bring this into work and use it at their desks, and that struck a chord with me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at my desk freezing my legs off because I am unnaturally cold all the time.

I decided to purchase this magical throw right away, and it was well worth it! I cannot begin to tell you the difference this blanket has made in my life. I understand that it’s not healthy to have an emotional attachment to a blanket, but I simply can not help myself. I placed this blanket over the top of my regular comforter before bed last night and it was amazing. All of the pain in my legs and feet subsided and I finally was able to have a peaceful night of resting. I know this is a long article about a blanket, but I want you to know I truly think this will help anyone suffering with joint pain. I have tried so many different things to make my feet feel better and this is the best yet.

So basically, if you want a heating pad that is also stylish and comfy, you should purchase one of these amazing blankets! I will leave the link below so you all can check it out for yourself, but I give this product a thumbs up!



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