30 Days of Self-Improvement


Good Morning everyone! I am staring a journey today and that journey is 30 days of self improvement. My goal is to share exactly what I am doing with each and everyone of you and report to you all each day on what I learned! I will be sharing this list of things that I am doing for you all to participate in as well and I really truly hope that you all will follow along with me! There will be a ton of participation coming up within the Facebook group that is connected to this site! Please feel free to join and participate in the discussion!

Below is the list of ways we are going to improve our lives! I will be entering a blog post each day about how I achieved this goal and what I felt like after completing my task!

Linked within this article is our discussion group! Feel free to join as all members of the community are welcome! The only rules for this group are positive words only! We are all here to build each other up and not break each other down! Please feel free to invite anyone to the group that you feel needs a group to connect with!

30 days of Self-Improvement!

  1. Share something in the group that you are proud of! This can be anything under the sun that you love and that you are absolutely proud of! Please feel free to post a pic or a small paragraph sharing with the group whatever it is!
  2. Learn something new and share with the group what that is! This can be something as simple as learning a new word, or as complicated as knitting! That is the beauty of setting these goals for yourself! Please learn something new and let us know what it is!
  3. EXERCISE! Everyone in my life knows I am soooooo lazy! I am setting a goal for getting a little more active! The simplest exercise is enough for this goal, I personally am not able to go running due to my issues with my foot, but I will find a way to be active and share! You all do the same!
  4. Take a long deep breath! Use this day to meditate for a moment. Take in a deep breath and let go of all your thoughts! This one is easy, but we should certainly share how doing this made us feel! I will be sharing!
  5. Bake some cookies for a friend! I know this sounds a little weird, but we tend to lose focus on the simple pleasures of the world, and this is a great way to get that appreciation! Go ahead, bake some cookies for a friend and we will share our feelings about this, and how it made our friend feel too!
  6. Make a list of your accomplishments! This could be a short or long list (No one is judging) But the goal here is not only for you to recognize how amazing you are, but give others the chance to brag on you as well! Share with the group to get an A+
  7. Drink more water! This one seems a little obvious, but even I have an issue with drinking too much sugar instead. Try spending a day drinking mostly water and let us know how that makes your body feel! This one is super important for your well being and health!
  8. Tell us what you like about yourself! This is an opportunity for you to do some much needed self bragging! We want to know what makes you special so that we can all see how amazing you are!
  9. Watch an old movie that you love! Has it been a while since you watched your favorite movie? Well no worries, do that now! Please tell us what movie you love so that we can all put it on our list of movies to watch! This will be a great way to make a movie bucket list too!
  10. Go outside. You know what? I don’t spend nearly enough time outside of my house. This is a little crazy, but we need to spend more time taking in that fresh air! Spend a moment outside and let us know how this made you feel!
  11. Declutter! Pick a space, a spot, or a room and declutter that mess! Have you been putting off reorganizing your closet space, or maybe you just have a messy room? Take an hour out of your day and spend it clearing out that space! You will be glad you did it! Tell us what you did to declutter and how it made you feel!
  12. Stretch it out! Take about 15 to 30 min of time out of your day and stretch those muscles! This will make you feel young and happy and you’ll be thankful you did it! I will let you guys know how my stretches went, please share your stretching experience with us too!
  13. “Treat Yo’ Self” Most of us have seen “Parks and Recreation” (A TV SHOW), Treat Yo’ Self means what it sounds like. Take a day to buy yourself something nice or new. You can even go get your nails done, or something dudes like too. Let us know how you spent this time and I will share my experience as well!
  14. Plan your dream vacation. Lets say a fancy man brings you just enough money to plan your ultimate dream vacation! AMAZING RIGHT? I want to know how you would spend this “Dream Vacation”! Please share and I will share mine as well!
  15.  Tell the group five things that make you happy.
  16. Spend a day doing nothing. When I say doing nothing I mean, do not clean the dishes, no worrying about random life problems! I mean really do nothing. Enjoy a day of being a lazy human! (At least dedicate 4 hours to this).
  17. Take this personality assessment and learn more about yourself. Here is the link! I personally have not taken this yet, but I am excited to learn about myself along side you guys! Lets share what we learned in the group!
  18. Take a black and white photo (Without any people in it) that shows us about your personality. This can be an object or a plant or even something you made!
  19. Find someone you care about and give them a huge hug! This sounds a little silly, but hugging someone is such an intimate thing to do! This will make you feel more human! Please let us know how this made you feel!
  20. Make yourself a meal you love! Use an evening to either make something just for you, or share it with others, just make sure its something YOU love!
  21. Write down five things that make you happy, and share it with the world! Share it with all of us in the support group! Its a great way to see what we have in common!
  22. Take this day to stretch your body. Spend at least fifteen minutes stretching and moving those muscles. This will make you alert before work!
  23. Share with the group your favorite album or song! This way we can all take a listen and appreciate what you appreciate. We’ll be excited to hear what kind of music you love!
  24. Take a photo of yourself that you like. Not just a picture of yourself because you have to, but a photo where you feel special or nice. This will help you see value in yourself. This means that you should do whatever it is you do to make yourself feel attractive. (Fix your hair, do your makeup, whatever)
  25. Turn your phone off for at least 4 hours. You’ll be glad you did it. Sometimes its nice to have a break from the rest of the world.
  26. Have a cup of coffee at a random time in the day. Yeah, its strange. You’ll feel extra fancy though, having a cup of decaff coffee on a weekday at 4 in the afternoon. Trust me, this one is a good thing.
  27. Write down your five year plan. This one is serious guys. Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully somewhere amazing, but what steps do you take to get there? You don’t have to share this one with the group, but we highly encourage it! We really want to help motivate each other!
  28. Talk to someone you have neglected to talk to in a while. So you and an old friend haven’t connected like you used to? You both got busy, and that is okay. You just need to reconnect for old times sake.
  29. Go for a walk. Take some time to walk outside, and you don’t have to walk alone! If you can’t find a walking partner I am sure someone in the group would be happy to face time you! We want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible!
  30. Start a journal. Now that you have done something different for 30 days, I want you to make a plan for yourself! Write down all of your hopes and dreams and get to where you are going.

Thank you all for participating and I am so very excited to journey with you guys! Feel free to share this post with a friend who needs a dedicated schedule to pamper themselves! We are going to build up our happy lives one brick at a time!

Here is the link to our group one more time! Hipster University Support Group

-Taylor J