The next chapter


I have decided to put a hold on my writing about my step mother. I know a lot of you found my writing intriguing and interesting, however I feel that I should stop dwelling so much on the past and focus more on my future. That being said, this does not mean that I will not share the stories of my past again. This simply means that I will write about certain events as I feel necessary within the guidelines of my other articles. For the most part, my new articles will be about self discovery and motivation.

I feel that it is very important to recognize that the past is part of what frames our personality, but the future is where we are going and we will use our newfound knowledge to make the future amazing. I assure you that there is much to be told on my past, but these things will come after some time. I need to focus on the good right now and make sure that I am mentally prepared to open up that part of my mind. I have blocked some of these bad memories out and honestly had a rough time when I shared my story with you all. I experienced a lot of backlash from individuals telling me that my writing was wrong and that I shouldn’t be trying so hard to ruin someone else’s reputation. I just want to make it clear that my writing is in no way intended to hurt anyone’s reputation, or I would have at least used names. My writing is about me moving past all of these terrible situations and move into my adult life. The thing that people tend to ignore is that as an adult you have every right to make your life the way that YOU want it. You need to take control and stop feeling like your trapped in a hurricane of your own making. Every choice and decision you make should be one that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

“There is such a thing as caring about other people too damn much!”

I am beginning my journey by setting personal goals for myself. My number one goal is to feel at home wherever I am. I have a tendency of losing myself whenever I have a lot going on in my life, and that is a terrible thing! The first step to correcting this is recognizing it as a problem. There is such a thing as caring about other people too damn much! I realize that many of you are in similar situations, and perhaps are just realizing that you do this. What you need to do is simple, and I’ll be doing it too. I will be starting this journey by taking 30 mins of each day to myself. This 30 min break from the world will be a time that I can write, or craft, or take a long hot bath. During this time it is important to not use social media. Take time off of Facebook, Twitter, and all the other things us crazy kids are addicted too! Spend Some well deserved quality time with yourself! I am going to find something that brings value to my life for 30 mins a day!

This sounds awfully simple, but there are so many times where I have so many plans and things going on that it is super easy for me to ignore myself. We should never ignore ourselves.  If you do not see value in your own life and your own time, how can we ever expect anyone else to see that value?

Thank you all so much for enjoying and sharing my writing with others in the world! I am so excited to help not only build myself up, but to help you all see the value in yourselves as well. Please continue supporting my writing and have an amazing day! I will be writing a lot this month and I am hoping to end 2017 with a brand new outlook on life!

-Taylor J.

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