Are you interested in getting an insurance license?


Are you tired of working your dead end job? Do you find yourself wanting a career, but don’t have the time or money to go to college? Don’t worry there’s hope for all of us! I’m going to be starting a blogging page about how to get your insurance license. Why let all the people with college experience take YOUR jobs away? No thank you! I’ll teach you how to obtain your license and make a career for yourself. I have been working in the field of insurance for several years now, and to be honest its hard to remember how exactly I got here. One day I was working for Subway and Starbucks, struggling to pay for college classes and the next little while passed and I ended up where I am. Because this time in my life was such a blur, It’ll be nice to recap and figure out, along side you guys, how to get the license your heart desires. Over the next few weeks I am going to write about my experiences and advice on obtaining your state’s “Property and Casualty” insurance license. If you guys end up with questions I’ll even go live on FACEBOOK for some feedback! I think this course would be a great help to those who are lost and not quite sure what to do with their lives. I know if I hadn’t of had help I wouldn’t be where I am.

I’m making it my goal to help you guys thrive and become the productive members of society that you all want to be!

Please leave a comment with specific questions so that I can better help you with what YOU need!
I cannot wait to start this journey with you!

Taylor J.

Disclaimer: I am not a college taught teacher, I am just an individual who has obtained a license and is willing to share my experiences.