An Open Letter to my Abuser

For those of you who have a problem with the words that I’ve been writing, please block me on ALL social media. I am so tired of hearing about how I’m not doing the “right” thing. If you people were so keen on doing the “right” thing, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Please just know that I’m not going to stop writing. I’ve only just gotten started. I would recommend blocking me if you want the victory of saying that you were the bigger person, because I’m about to block every single person who has anything negative to say to me.

An Open letter to my abuser:

It isn’t my job to play along with the lies you’ve created in your life. It is my job to take care of MYSELF. I am trying to recover from the years of mental trauma that you’ve caused me. I cannot express to you the anger I have for these people who think that I’m lying because you told them I am. If you are feeding into the lies of this dangerous woman, than you may want to reconsider. I know that you portray yourself as a victim, and that is so funny to me. You’re not a victim you’re a sociopath who got caught. You had your life played out and you failed. You thought that because you are such a miserable shitty person that you could get away with all the terrible things you did to me as a child. You can keep your misery and your terrible attitude and get the hell away from me. I never want to speak to you or see you again. I have no respect for you. The funny part is that I’ve had respect for you all the way up until this point. I have realized that all you are is a coward. Good job trying to rack up pity points from all of your family. Good luck trying to convince everyone that I’m lying. Those people who are ignorant enough to believe that you didn’t partake in these terrible events are just as guilty to me. You’ve manipulated these people into believing your lies, and it’s disgusting. You’re an awful human being and I hope you read every word that I write. 


I am not writing to displease anyone. I am also not writing to make anyone’s life harder. I am simply writing because it is an outlet for me. I feel heard. I am not going to sit back any longer listening to incessant complaining about how my words are destroying someone’s reputation. Any person who is offended by what I have to say, is obviously feeling guilty for things that he/she may have participated in. I couldn’t care less if your feelings are hurt. I’m not writing these things to please anyone, and the folks who have continually read my articles know that I have experienced a life long pain. People don’t simply “get over” these types of situations, and its stupid of you to think that I would push it under the rug. My whole life has been filled with me hiding who I am and what I feel. I have spent many years hiding away all of YOUR secrets and making sure that YOUR reputation is in tact and that isn’t my job. I will not be a part of protecting you. You didn’t even have the decency to treat me like a human being.

You should have thought about the consequences of your actions while you were sitting there taking out all of your anger and frustration on a CHILD. I hope you realize what you’ve done. If you didn’t want to take the ride, you shouldn’t have got on that track. 


-Taylor J.


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