What do you need help with?

Hey you guys! I am planning to start hosting some makeup tutorials! I have had a few of you guys bring up that you’d like a tutorial on this or that, and here’s my plan so far! I want to do a series called Too GLAM to give a Damn; 15 days of Makeup. Its going to consist of 15 separate tutorials and lessons on how to achieve the look you desire! Of course I also would like to do a RIGHT way vs. WRONG way, but that will come later on!

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Mascara
  3. Foundation
  4. To add to this list please post on my wall here: Hipster University 

Can you guys comment a few more ideas for my 15 day challenge?! I need your help! Thank you so much in advance and I will start filming soon! XOXO


Taylor J.




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