Defend Innocence

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and I wanted to begin my day by telling you how absolutely excited I am that I met my first goal! Though my first sale was to a family member I am truly excited to be part of a greater good! The company I’ve began this journey with is called Younique. A lot of people see these ladies “Selling” but you may not have taken the time to not only see the product, but what the product stands for. The Younique Foundation has been a refuge of support and healing for women who suffered from sexual abuse as children. As you know from a few of my other articles, I was abused, Granted, I was never sexually abused as a child, but abuse is abuse and needs to be addressed. Defend Innocence was born out of the foundation’s desire to prevent childhood sexual abuse from happening in the first place. Defend Innocence believes the responsibility to stop childhood sexual abuse rest on parents and caregivers, not on the children themselves. There are ways you can help.

If you are interested in helping support a greater cause do know that each purchase of Younique makeup leads to a contribution to Defend Innocence.

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