My step mom blocked my Facebook (1)

My step mom blocked my face book account after reading a comment that I made on one of those generic posts about step parents. Basically what it stated was something along the lines of step parents being a blessing for children. Now, before you begin criticize me, I want to add that I understand that there are plenty of wonderful step parents in the world, and I by no means am downgrading that fact. My point in commenting was simply to let strangers know that there are a lot of step parents who aren’t good for children.

“She then proceeded to grab me by the back of my neck and shove my face into this pile of shit laying in my bedroom floor.”


Before I let you know what it was that caused her to block my account, I’d like to give you some back story on why I don’t have a high opinion of her. Growing up I was around this woman beginning somewhere around the age of 3 or 4, she was a pleasant woman who seemed to be a great fit for my dad at the time. She had a son who was a year older than me and they were both single parents trying to make it through this crazy journey we call life. Granted I don’t know an awful lot about the beginning of their relationship due to the fact that I was so young when it started, but I remember sitting with my step mom in the bedroom of our old house painting our nails and laughing and having a good time. I remember her fixing my hair for church on Sunday’s and trying to be a motherly influence in my life.

There are some points in my childhood where my life almost began normally, but unfortunately things took a turn for the worst when my own mother began to brainwash her 4 or 5 year old daughter into thinking that her step mom stole my dad away from her. Young children are so easily influenced that of course I took grasp onto every word my mother said to me. Not only did I have her brainwashing me into thinking all of these things, but I began to vocalize them as well. I told my dad and step mother that she wasn’t my real mom and that she couldn’t spank me. My step mom apparently took the words of a 5 year old pretty seriously because this chain of events is what caused my life to become a living hell for the following thirteen years.

Taking the words of a five year old so seriously caused the hatred in my step mother to grow. She didn’t really tip off the edge into step monster mode until she had a ring on her finger and her marriage was finalized with my dad. Once she had him locked in, I suppose she thought that she didn’t have to try to get along with his daughter (me) anymore. Thus began the worst years of my life. At the time I was only coming to my dad’s house on the weekends so there wasn’t a whole lot she could get away with during that short period of time. Though, I recall one instance where the dog had left a brown surprise in the floor of my bedroom (Which wasn’t uncommon). We had a constant battle taking turns picking up dog shit for months, and she was in an awful mood that day.

She had told me to pick up the shit off the floor and flush it down the toilet, which was a usual occurrence.  I did pick up and dispose of the dog’s droppings and continue to play with my toys and do what any normal 6 or 7 year old kid would do with my time. About an hour later she came back into the room and began yelling at me! She screamed that I had ignored her request and that I never listened to her because I liked to cause problems. She then proceeded to grab me by the back of my neck and shove my face into this pile of shit laying in my bedroom floor. I began crying and trying to tell her that I had picked up another one and that I hadn’t seen this one. None of my words mattered to her. She had already made up her mind not to listen to me. She finally released my neck and told me to get rid of the mess and clean my nose.

I had never experienced anything more disgusting and terrible in my life. I remember thinking about the fact that I wanted to go back home to my mom’s house and I was upset the rest of the weekend. I’m a little foggy on whether or not my dad was ever made aware of this situation, but knowing myself I probably told him. This was one of countless events that make up my childhood. I plan on going more in depth with my experiences, however it may take some time for me to come up with the proper wording for my blog.

My point in telling you this short story was that my experience with step parents have never been pleasant. What I said in my post was the following:

Origional Post text: Behind a lot of great kids is a step parent who stepped up and gave a shit.

My comment: And behind a lot of successful young people was a step parent who abused and neglected their step child. I grew up with a step mother who spit in my face screaming at me on a daily basis and would find excuses to hit me whenever she could. I grew up in fear while I washed the dishes because on more than one occasion my face was forced inches from the water in an attempt to drown me.
Yeah, there are great step parents out there, but I certainly didn’t have one.

My step mother read those words. I have had many words with this woman. We have fought tooth and nail, and I still have never had the courage to tell her that she hurt me. I’m not sure if she’s ever considered the things she had done to me as a negative thing or not, but never once did she show any sign of regret for treating me that way. Am I upset that she blocked me on social media? No. I am glad she read this. I hope it sparked up a guilt in her heart that no one could help her get rid of. She deserves to think about what she did to me, and how it made me feel.

Thank you for reading this article. I like to end every one of my posts with a question. If you were to look back on the way you treat people in your life, would you regret your actions? If you were in my position what would you do?


-Taylor J

(Part 2 coming soon)


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