Hipster University of Makeup!

Good morning everyone! I am starting the day by showing my excitement for my new journey! I am beginning to start blogging about my love for makeup and how it effects my life. The first thing I would like to talk about is the fact that people who wear a lot of makeup tend to be criticized for wearing so much, and that is just not okay. My thoughts are as long as you are wearing makeup for the right reasons, more power to you! The reason I wake up and put makeup on is that this is a time of meditation for me. When I sit down in front of a mirror and begin my beauty routine, I am so relaxed and happy. It truly isn’t completely about the ending result for me! I personally love the journey just as much as the outcome of pampering myself. When I have plenty of time to pace myself I will use my beauty regiment as an opportunity to have an “At Home” spa day.

I like to say that I could literally spend an entire day pampering and getting ready for a night out. It sounds absolutely crazy, but I am one hundred percent serious. The way I see it, is that the more time a woman spends on herself the better she feels! If you aren’t taking any time for yourself then it might be pretty hard to stay happy! I know there is a stigma that basically says that mothers who take care of kids should not have any time for their own needs, but where is that written in stone? It isn’t. I urge you to take at least one day a week for a few hours to pamper yourself.

Here are a few ways I will make a spa-day at home! I usually will light a few candles and place them in the bathroom, and then run a nice hot bubble bath! I like to put a half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in my bathApple cider vinegar is known to have healing agents that will reduce redness in the skin and help heal acne scars. Also, while your at it, go ahead and take a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and drink it! Yes, I said to drink it! What this does is reduce acid re-flux! Apple cider vinegar helps with a lot of issues and if you’re interested in reading more I will do an entire article on all this apple cider vinegar can do to help your life!

Moving on (Because I got side tracked), the next thing I do is to turn off the lights and play some soothing music in my personal spa retreat. I also like to use this time to catch up on pod casts or log on and watch a makeup tutorial on my laptop! This time is yours. I use these moments to wind down and shut my brain off. We have a tendency as women to overthink everything in our lives and sometimes it helps to mentally check out for a few hours!

After my hot bubble bath I like to take a cooling shower. What this does is close all of your pores after deeply scrubbing your skin. So not only did the hot water open up all of those nasty pores, but you scrubbed all of it out while relaxing and enjoying your bath! The cooling shower will cause the pores on your face and body to reduce. Cold water reduces redness and this will help with scaring as well. If you have oily skin you can also use apple cider vinegar as a toner for your face. I personally recommend freezing a few ice cubes of vinegar and applying the cold cube to my face. When you’re done toning use your favorite moisturizer and apply this with a sponge designated for moisturizer only.  This allows you to apply the moisturizer without using your oily fingers.

Once your moisturizer has set make sure to apply a body butter or cream (Especially if you have exfoliated your legs/arms in the bath earlier!). Now you’re ready to begin your usual make up regiment. I of course have developed my own style over the years, but I will be back with a new post later on explaining exactly what I do in order to be fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to read my article! I just want to end this article by asking a simple question, What have you done to make yourself feel worthy and beautiful this week? Ultimately if we cannot love ourselves how are we expected to love others?

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-Taylor J

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