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Hi, can you help me? I need a friend. Sure let me help (a response I send) You are so pretty, nice and kind too. Is it okay if I get some pictures of you? What do you mean you need photos of me? Can…

The thoughtless internet creep

I am so excited to announce that I am planning a large series that will result in an epic novel! I decided last night to start on my very first book. I am hoping that you all will follow along with me as I post…

Announcing my new upcoming book



We are on the road to WrestleMania, and WWE has hit the ground running with the 31st Royal Rumble event. The performers pulled out all the stops to great effect in trying to really kick off the WrestleMania season. Enough of the introductions, let’s get…

WWE Royal Rumble 2018

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written about my past, but I am feeling a need to discuss more with you all. I have a need to resolve a few of the scenarios that I started sharing previously. I will begin by stating…

Diving into the other side of abuse (1)



I’m always the paddle, and never the boat. I push along stories, in order to float. When sea’s grow rough sometimes I fall under, and what does this mean, I sometimes wonder? I tend to move on and be someone else’s oar, It’s the same…

Always the paddle, never the boat



  I attended the Woman’s March 2018 in Montgomery, Alabama this year and it was such a wonderful experience. I have never considered myself a politically charged person, but lately I have felt a drive for something more. With this newfound hope for humanity, I…

Women’s March 2018

Recently, Taylor and I sat down with Nelson Jancaterino, the front-man for the folk act The Last Thing You Remember.  Nelson is an incredibly friendly, thoughtful man and with a sort of self-deprecating, but jovial sense of humor he kept us both listening for hours, even before and after the interview.  His music is catchy, but meaningful; it’s sometimes simple, but he tackles complex issues in a succinct and oddly whimsical way, particularly his song “Hey Mr. Officer”.   We talked a great deal about music and politics and what it’s like to be a folk singer-songwriter, some of which is included in part one of our interview below.  We hope you enjoy reading Nelson’s words as much as we enjoyed listening to them.

The Last Thing You Remember Interview (Part 1)



This winter I had a third surgery on my foot, and the cold air causes me so much pain! Growing tired of the achy feelings I kept having deep in my bones, I took to the internet for advice. One of the things I found…

Surgery Number Three

I lost my mother eleven years ago, January 18th, and this will always be engraved in my memory. I was only twelve at the time and her death impacted my life in such a large way. I remember when I first found out she had…

I lost my mother 11 years ago today.



Good Morning everyone! I am staring a journey today and that journey is 30 days of self improvement. My goal is to share exactly what I am doing with each and everyone of you and report to you all each day on what I learned!…

30 Days of Self-Improvement