Hipster University

Hipster University is a platform for the artist, the activist, the musician, and everything in between. Hipster University is an outlet for passion, inspiration, and encouragement. We believe in building a community of people who will help each other achieve greatness.

Hipster University was founded by Taylor Jordan



Our most popular series is called “Tales from a 20 something.” This is the story and blog of Taylor’s life. She tells a tale of self discovery and recovery after growing up in a difficult household. This multi-article blog describes the life of a young woman who has only learned from terrible situations. She discusses her divorce at the age of 22 and the struggle of living with a step mother who was abusive. Taylor believes that our journey is short and that we should learn from our experiences rather than dwell on them. Taylor is a survivor of many horrible situations and her journey is full of lessons for other’s to learn.

Click here to read “Tales from a 20 something” now!

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We are currently on the lookout for people to share their story. If you would like to be featured in an interview please let us know! We are starting a video series soon and the slots are filling up! Please share this with anyone you think may have something interesting or important to say.




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